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Взяв пример с tourelle

За каждую названную песню (собственно название или первая строчка) - один балл, за исполнителя - ещё один.

1. La mare ben poc en sap de totes les esperances del seu fill estudiant que ben compromès n'estava.
2. Imagine I was a full-grown man and I could talk just right - could I come and see you here and do this every night?
3. I tuoi esuli parlano lingue straniere, si addormentano soli sognando i tuoi cieli.
4. Drowns her sorrow, eases her pain, waits for tomorrow when she'll do the same again.
5. L'endemà de bon matí veu la forca preparada, en La Pera dóna un crit, és l'última pregària.
6. Trots sossarnas prat om vår arbetarstat blir de arbetslösa allt fler.
7. Each day a new reason to give up, each day another reason to sigh, a hundred thousand ways to live up, a hundred thousand ways to try.
8. We will have them free to help us build a nation once again.
9. São os mordomos do universo todo, senhores à força, mandadores sem lei.
10. Das Land, es lebt, es lebe hoch, weil Arbeiter sich trauen.
Tags: музыка, флешмоб

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