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KATHMANDU: Unified CPN-Maoist Vice-chairman Narayan Kaji Shrestha today said the upcoming General Convention of his party would reorient its ideological course of achieving “socialism through new-democracy” (propounded by Chairman Mao in China) to achieving “socialism through capitalism”.

Talking to journalists at his official residence this afternoon‚ Shrestha said‚ “We have concluded it is not possible to achieve socialism via the model of new-democracy in the current national and global context.” He said as society was preferred capitalism‚ the party had decided to change its ideological course.

To achieve this‚ he said national policy and programmes should be framed and implemented as per the social-democratic way while maintaining the spirit of communism. “We need to maintain the communist spirit‚ but programmes should be social-democratic so that we can achieve socialism via capitalism.” Shrestha defined the new party line for socialism as a significant “departure from the present political line that follows Maoist doctrine.”

The UCPN-M general convention will kick off in Hetauda on Saturday. It’s being held after more than two decades.

Shrestha said he would raise the issue of “national independence” in Hetauda and say that no Nepali political party could and should frame India as their principle-contradiction.

“Opposition to India cannot be a basis of national politics‚” the Foreign Minister said‚ adding‚ “Good relations with our neighbours‚ India and China‚ could be maintained without compromising national independence and securing and using our authority to decide for ourselves.” In his party’s recent central committee meeting‚ he had questioned whether UCPN-M was itself involved in accepting and even inviting foreign interference in internal politics.

He said he would raise the issue of corruption. He has been vocal against corruption in the party and government.

In a recent meeting‚ Shrestha had said the party had focused only on ‘notes‚ votes and post’. “If we cannot change our character‚ we will be wiped out‚” he warned.
http://www.thehimalayantimes.com/fullNews.php?headline=UCPN-M+to+dump+Maoism%3A+Shrestha&NewsID=364252 (via тов. red_w1ne)

Надежда только на то, что КПН(м) развяжет новую гражданскую войну.
Привет троцкистам, хвалившим Бхаттараи, когда он начал говорить о том, что "Вопрос о возможности построения социализма в одной стране – теоретический вопрос, подлежащий ерьезному обсуждению."
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