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Очередная угадайка

Итак, жду ответов, комменты, как всегда, скрыты.
1. See that little faggot with the tutu
Yeah buddy that's his own heir and the earrings
That little faggot's got his own jet airplane
That little faggot he's a millionaire
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing, rock_wolf

2. She even hates herself sometimes.
Keep her clear, for it's Saturday night.
Drowns her sorrow, eases her pain,
Waits for tomorrow, when she'll do the same again.
Wishbone Ash - Lady Whisky, abigail_la_fey

3. Now this old world is a fright
You know my future ain't bright
And I'd just crawl in a hole if I could
Or maybe live out in space
Or some other far away place
And not come back to this earth till it's good
Oh but I'm dreaming again
I know that I'm here till the end
There's too much craziness here
In twenty-five years I have used all the tears in my eyes

4. You'd be forgiven for not loving me anymore
You'd be forgiven for not opening the door
You'd be forgiven for thinking our love isn't true
Did I spend it all on you, did I spend it all on you?

5. Now some men like the fishing and some men like the fowling
And some men like to hear, to hear the cannonball a-roaring
Me I like sleeping, especially in my Molly’s chamber
But here I am in prison, here I am with a ball and chain, yeah
Неизвестный ирландский автор, а также Thin Lizzy, Metallica etc. - Whiskey In The Jar, rock_wolf

6. Life's an education - a multiple equation,
everybody finds their own solution in the end.
"To be or not to be" is a very lengthy question,
has somebody please got a sharpened pencil they can lend?
Skyclad - History Lessons и History Lessons (The Final Examination), abigail_la_fey

7. There's a prophet in the gutter in the street
He say "you're damned!" -
and you believe him...
He's got a vision but it shines out through your eyes
A world of hatred and fear...
He's felt what love means...
He wants to pay you back with pain

8. Oh, never tell a secret with your eyes
It's the eyes that let you down
Tell a little truth with many lies
It's the only way I've found
Dio - Straight Through The Heart, abigail_la_fey и res_man

9. Do you want to be the player,
Do you want to be the string?
Let me just tell you something,
It just don't mean a thing.
You see it really doesn't matter
when you're buried in disguise
by the dark glass on your eyes,
though your flesh has crystalised

10. Rain came and took her away
Just when I thought she was here to stay
Sun gone, I was left high and dry
Love came by and touched me and kissed me so long

Shine hard, October moon
Eagle take me to her soon
Run swiftly, silver stream
Find my love or let me dream

11. Whispers define the dark
The devil's playground
Is pulling my heart
Memories haunt the night
Try so hold on, try to be free.

12. Have you ever seen through an eagles eye a total eclipse from way up high?
Have you ever come across a lost empire or walked the desert for a thousand miles?
Have you ever stood on Mount Everest, left your footprints there, did you pass that test?
Have you ever past close to the gates of hell? Have you walked that road? Yes I know it well.
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