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Jumping My Shadow или совпадения в жизни металлиста

Что-то начал сам себя пугать, однако...
Еду вчера в метро, слушаю Skyclad. На мозги в этот раз больше всего подействовала Jumping My Shadow (слов не знал в тот момент, решил посмотреть по возвращении). И, как посмотрел, оказалось, что слова подходят не менее
Jumping My Shadow

Maybe someday someone will love me
for what I am (instead of what I should be.)
Until that day I'll just sit here weeping,
chasing dreams is like shadow leaping.

The face behind the mirror - an unrecognised reflection,
his eyes look old and tired - filled with bitter recollection.
The cross that he has carried was a burden I have made,
It's a baptism of tears - they are the seas in which I bathe.

'Cause there's a fire in my heart - but I can't breathe for the smoke,
seems that I'm living proof my life's a practical joke.
There's a wind in my sails (but I have lost all my direction),
with no stars to guide me now you're not here beside me anymore.

Somehow, somewhere you will discover
a love so sweet that it tasted like no other,
and on that day may you both drink deep
from that grail we found - but then failed to keep.

It's a season I've learned well - some things just cannot be,
the key that will unlock your soul is someone else (not me).
If you should remember - hope you smile and wish me well,
as I walk my path to heaven through ten thousand miles of hell.

I stand alone against the cold grey sky,
it was blue that day (but not as blue as I).
I left my hearts high on that Roman hill,
I'll wait a thousand years but it will be there still.

Holding hands in silence as the day came to an end,
we climbed up there as lovers - then we walked back down just friends.
I've know my share of heartaches, never thought of them as bad -
but had never quite imagined I could ever feel this sad.
На обратном пути слушал Mostly Autumn и оглядывал вагон. Попалась на глаза девушка, изрядно похожая на Хизер, такой вот день совпадений.
ЗЫ А вот с текстами Mostly Autumn напряг, кстати, из интересующих только Mother Nature нашел (эх.... английский надо учить, дабы на слух все воспринимать)

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