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Итак, 12 текстов песен, кто первый угадает - золотыми буквами на доску почета, комментарии скрыты

1. I'm at the other side
I watch time pass
And I see, I have to go along
With the water that will lead the way
And I feel, the rain on my head
And the drops hit me one by one
The Gathering - New Moon, Different Day, pasm

2. Why do you stare
Do you think that I care?
You've been mislead
By the thoughts in your head

Your words waste and decay
Nothing you say
Reaches my ears anyway
You never spoke a word of truth
ELP - Endless Enigma, pasm

3. Don't go to the edge of rainbows
Don't close your eyes
Like things that can't be real
The truth is really lies

Don't wish on a rising star you should
Open up the door
Where things that just should never be
Are calling up a spell so you can see, yeah!

4. This quest you speak of is for redemption
How can we travel when our souls are lost
You think we find ourselves at gates of new salvation
When I can only sense the end is here
Ayreon - Isis And Osiris, pasm

5. Cry at the dead of the night as the Karma man weaves his spell
Don't hide while you wait for the light
Try to dream a pleasant dream

Round and round it goes
Where it stops nobody ever knows

6. You can feel the tension in the street
There's no escape, getting closer to the heat
You play with fire, get your fingers burned
It's too late, past the point of no return
Scorpions - Hit Between The Eyes, pasm и res_man

7. Somebody came and slammed the door
Took the feeling away from our hearts
And the horror took hold of a place
In our hearts filled with love
Gamma Ray - Silence, pasm

8. Alone I've walked this path for many years,
Listened to the wind that calls my name.
The weeping trees of yesterday they look so sad,
Await your breath of spring again.

Far beyond the hills, where earth and sky will meet again,
Are shadows like an opening hand.
Control the secrets that I've yet to find, and wonder at
The light in which they stand.
Wishbone Ash - Leaf And Stream, pasm

9. Here in this prison of my own making
Year after day I have grown.
Into a hero but there's no worship
Where have they hidden my thrown...
Deep Purple - Pictures Of Home, pasm и res_man

10. Makes you run never stop
Gotta win got to run 'til you drop
Keep the pace hold the race
Your mind is getting clearer
You're over halfway there
But the miles they never seem to end
As if you're in a dream
Not getting anywhere
It seems so futile

11. Watching the days go by
Thinking 'bout the plans we made
Days turn into years
Funny how they fade away
Sometimes I think of those days
Sometimes I just hide away
Waiting on that 9:20 train
Waiting on a memory

12. Then came man to savage in the night
To run like thieves and to kill like knives
To take away the power from the magic hand
To bring about the ruin to the promised land
Queen - My Fairy King, pasm

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