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1) Well, the priest he cries
Virgins ascending to the skies tonight
All day long
I have passed my time alone
When the church bells rung
I stayed out on the tower
In a dying sun
Dire Straits - Follow Me Home, rock_wolf

2) Mother did you hear me cry?
You never told me why
You put me in this world of rock and dust

No friends for playing games
No foes who scorn my name
Computerized machines of steel and rust

Is this my home? - this is our home
This desolate dome - this desolate dome

3) The faithful crowd is gathered here
Soon they'll appear
The high and mighty show up
The king is in doubts

Apart from this beggar here
There's no one like you, my dear
Tasting my lips
No one but you and him

'Round the fire everyone should sing
And praise the gracious queen
'Round the fire everyone should dance
And we praise the handsome knight
Blind Guardian - The Maiden And The Minstrel Knight, res_man

4) I've tried hard to live without you, in so many ways.
I just can't help myself from thinking of you, for the rest of my days.
Heartache is at my door step, won't leave me alone.
I just can't get used to it, now that I'm on my own.

I know all about you, your childhood days,
Your mom and dad, your pretty face.

5) All the precious times have been put to rest again
And the smile of the dawn
Brings tainted lust singing my requiem
Can I face the day when I'm tortured in my trust
And watch it crystalize
While my salvation crumples to dust

Why can't I steer the ship before it hits the storm
I've fallen to the sea but still I swim for shore

6) Just a step cried the sad man
Take a look down at the madman
Theatre kings on silver wings
Fly beyond reason
From the flight of the seagull
Come the spread claws of the eagle
Only fear breaks the silence
As we all kneel pray for guidance

Tread the road cross the abyss
Take a look down at the madness
On the streets of the city
Only spectres still have pity
Patient queues for the gallows
Sing the praises of the hallowed
Our machines feed the furnace
If they take us they will burn us

7) Romantic scent
Spoiled Lucrece lies warm for you
There's no such priest
That can pray me to heaven

When done with me
Forget if you think I feel ashamed
A wild thing
Never felt sorry for anything
Nightwish - Bare Grace Misery, res_man

8) You won't need to ask forgiveness
What you find will be your inspiration
You don't have to pray for glory
All is equal, no more pain

You know it's true, it's up to you
'Cause I finally see where I'm going
I finally know what I'm knowing
Now our journey's only just begun

Over the bridge where you start to believe
Down at the edge of the rainbow
Dark is the night but we've seen another time
Follow the light of the shadow

Right or wrong, there is no reason
There will be no hidden destination
With the strength that you discover
You can show the way how it was meant to be

9) In the land of no tomorrow
Where you pray just to end each day
And your life just slowly melts away

Each day you hear the sand as it moves and whispers
Come and sail on my golden sea
Maybe one day you'll be just like me...and that's free
Dio - Egypt (The Chains Are On), res_man

10) Cry for the children
Sons and daughters left behind
They walk alone down the trail of tears
Full of heartache, full of fears

Stand with open arms
Waiting for the fall
But who'll be there to help ya
When your back's against the wall

You'll be sailing home before the storm
Through the night into the dawn
On the wind I hear your voice calling
Sailing home before the storm
Saxon - Overture In B-Minor Refugee, res_man

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